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This page of EcoIQTV.com is an index of videos, including presentations, presentation excerpts, panel discussions, documentary and online interviews, TV appearances, and eco-performances, for speakers, performers and authors with last names starting with "M."

Diane MacEachern

"" Marketing Green To Women. Presentation excerpts by Diane MacEachern. MacEachern discusses engaging women in environmentally friendly and sustainable living and shopping. She reviews statistics showing the large retail purchasing power that women have and ties it in to the green marketplace. She provides examples of green companies and products that are getting the marketing right. About 9 minutes. Play Video >> More about Diane MacEachern >>

Chris Maser

Presentation For Southern Gulf Of St. Lawrence Coalition on Sustainability - Part 1a. Presentation by Chris Maser. Keynote speech at the 2007 AGM of the Southern Gulf of St. Lawrence Coalition on Sustainability. About 64 minutes. Play Video - Part 1a, 1b, 2, 3a, 3b, 4, 5, 6, 7a, 7b. More about Chris Maser >>

Richard Matthew

Ethics and Sustainability. Presentation by Richard Matthew. Many scholars of environmental ethics concentrate on the harm humans do to the natural world, encouraging us to assign intrinsic value to nature and extend moral concern to other species. As important as this is, it has been criticized for ignoring the needs of the poor and vulnerable. The concept of sustainable development suggests other ways of linking ethics and the environment. It explicitly asks us to think about how to reduce poverty and improve the welfare and security of the world's poor while protecting natural resources and ecosystems. It also asks us to consider the world future generations will inherit. About 60 minutes. Play Video >>

Pete McCloskey

Stopping Urban Sprawl to Protect Our Air. Presentation excerpt by Pete McCloskey. In this video, McCloskey speaks about how Southern California went from having some of the cleanest air in the world in the 1930s to becoming heavily polluted in later decades. He saw how unregulated development of land led to urban sprawl and loss of open space. He discusses the need to focus on transit oriented development to fight air pollution and limit oil consumption. About 2 minutes. Play Video >> More about Pete McCloskey >>

Greening the United States House of Representatives. Presentation excerpts by Pete McCloskey. McCloskey discusses how the first Earth Day in 1970 was a pivotal event in raising awareness for the environment in the U.S. political system. About 2 minutes. Play Video >> More about Pete McCloskey >>

Marty Metro

ABC 7 On UsedCardboardBoxes.com. Interview with Marty Metro. Consumer News Reporter Ric Romero visits UsedCardboardBoxes.com. About 2 minutes. Play Video >> More about Marty Metro >>

CEO of UsedCardboardBoxes.com. Interview with Marty Metro. CEO is interviewed at a used box warehouse where quality used boxes are sorted, stacked on a pallets and resold as moving and shipping boxes to consumers and businesses. About 4 minutes. Play Video >> More about Marty Metro >>

Going Green and Green Business. Online presentation by Marty Metro. Excerpts from several presentations and interviews describing and explaining his box reuse business. About 5 minutes. Play Video >> More about Marty Metro >>

Tim Minchin

"" Canvas Bags. We're not sure there will ever be a more epic song written about taking your canvas bags to the supermarket. Watch this unedited version of Tim Minchin's song recorded for BBC3's Comedy Shuffle. About 3 minutes. Play Video >>

Bob Musil

Lessons On Environmental Activism. Learning from the mistakes the environmental movement made during the Clinton Administration, Dr. Bob Musil, Chairman of the Board for 2020 Vision, advises us to remember grassroots activism in the Obama era. About 4 minutes. Play Video >>

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